Foro de descarga de libros de kindle gratis SHELTER IN PLACE (Spanish Edition) de NORA ROBERTS 9780349417813




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    • Idioma: INGLÉS
    • Formatos: Pdf, ePub, MOBI, FB2
    • ISBN: 9780349417813
    • Editorial: ABACUS
    • Año de edición: 2019



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    Foro de descarga de libros de kindle gratis SHELTER IN PLACE (Spanish Edition) de NORA ROBERTS 9780349417813



    When the shots rang out in the shopping mall, Simone Knox knew what to do. Shelter in place. That's what they taught you to do in the event of a mass shooting. So on that terrible, hot summer day in 2005, Simone was lucky. She escaped death. But she would never be the same again. More than ten years later, Simone still struggles with grief, trauma and the misplaced guilt of a survivor. She spends much of her time alone on Tranquility Island - a quiet, artistic community off the coast of Maine. But she is transforming - shaping herself the way she shapes her extraordinary and highly prized sculptures. As she heals herself, she opens up to Reed Quartermaine, who survived the shooting himself and has become a detective. But someone has been watching all the survivors of the DownEast Mall massacre. They have spent years perfecting a plan to finish what was started that day. Now that Reed and Simone have found each other, they are in more danger than they can possibly imagine - from a killer who will not, and cannot stop.


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